Family Dentist in Baton Rouge, LA

Sometimes, before a patient first visits their family dentist, they put off their dental care because they are afraid of what we might find. Our goal at the dental office of Hugh V. McKnight, Sr., D.D.S. is to give our patients an accurate and thorough examination and status report on their oral and dental health. We use innovative methods to examine and re-examine your condition.
Some of the services you will receive during your first visit include:

  • Full mouth dental and periodontal examination
  • Oral cancer screening exam, including use of fluorescence technology
  • An x-ray (digital imaging) survey to help us assess your condition
  • Cleaning, depending on your periodontal health

Your first visit is a chance for us to review your medical history and examine your current oral health. We will recommend any treatments we believe are necessary to maintain and ensure your future dental health. Call us today to schedule your first appointment!

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